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Losing weight and getting in shape can bring numerous health benefits, including an improved immune system and a longer life. Some people have never had a problem with weight because of their eating habits, lifestyle choices or genetics; while others seem to be waging a life-long war managing their body weight. Diets and exercise regimens promise fast results in return for hard work and commitment, but after months of intensive dieting the results may leave much to be desired.

When results don’t live up to the expectations, or you see no results at all, it is easy to get discouraged and feel that there is no hope in their struggle to regain control of their weight and health. The Minneapolis HCG Doctors Locator® is Minnesota’s premier directory of HCG medical weight loss professionals that are here to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Whether you have been battling your weight for years, or you are making your first steps towards weight loss, the HCG diet can be the last weight loss solution you ever need. With a proven record of dramatic weight loss results in patients from all walks of life, the HCG diet can be used to safely and quickly effect weight loss results in male and female patients.

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Variations of the original HCG diet plan developed in the 1950s have been used for over 60 years now with excellent success. If you have been diagnosed as clinically obese, or you just need to lose a few pounds, consider some of the benefits offered by an HCG diet plan tailored for your body’s unique needs:

Targeted Weight Loss

Studies have shown that HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is able to preserve muscle mass and burn fat wen taken as part of a medical weight loss plan including a low calorie diet. Many diets that leave the dieter feeling famished can actually cause some people to experience protein deficiencies, resulting in their bodies breaking down muscle to sustain proper protein levels. With daily HCG supplementation, dieters can greatly reduce the amount of muscle mass lost during the course of the diet, leaving them with a leaner and stronger figure than many traditional diet plans.

Medical Supervision

Purchasing diet pills over the counter or online can be a risky business. Many pharmaceutical weight loss products on the market today contain chemicals that may have some weight loss results, but ultimately are unhealthy for your body. The medical professionals featured on the Minneapolis HCG Doctors Directory believe that the only safe way to achieve dramatic weight loss results is through a physician-supervised medical weight loss plan administered by an experienced specialists. Using only the top quality HCG hormones and properly testing each patient, the HCG doctors found on the Minneapolis HCG Doctors Directory create a customized HCG diet plan that can provide optimal results is the primary focus.

Hunger Management

While many traditional low calorie diets often leave participants feeling hungry, tired, irritable and generally miserable. The mere mention of the word “diet” often makes people cringe thinking about the hunger and self deprivation so often associated with dieting. With the HCG diet, most patients experience greatly reduced hunger and cravings. This is due to the way the HCG hormone interacts with the metabolism, as fat cells are consumed for energy your body does not need to send such intense cravings for food.

Fast and Safe Results

Under the supervision of an experienced medical weight loss professional, and with customized HCG diet plans on the cutting edge of medical science, most patients see fast weight loss results that are safe and sustainable. As the HCG hormone targets stored body fat and preserves muscle mass, dieters are encouraged to stay active and eat healthy during and after their HCG diet plan.

Take the first step towards a thinner, healthier version of yourself by choosing one of the HCG specialists featured on the Minneapolis HCG Doctors Locator® today. Browse through the directory of qualified and experienced medical weight loss specialists serving patients in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul–Twin Cities area.

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